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(ENG) Conditions of participation

All sport courses are offered via USV Jena e.V.. There are collegiate sport and university club sport courses. There only is online registration. Payment only is with debit which will be agreed to by registration. The online course registration is binding and requires the knowledge and the acceptance of the following conditions of participation.

Exclusion from collegiate sport

The registration for a course is always binding and payment for the course is obliged. Because of this reason, a withdrawal of the debit process is permissible. If a withdrawal is made nevertheless or the payment is reversed because of other reasons (wrong account data stated, non-coverage of the bank account), the collegiate sport will reserve the right to exclude the person concerned from the collegiate sport. In any case, the charges for the reversion of the bank will be brought to account.


Transfers to other offered courses generally are not possible. If you are interested in a transfer nevertheless, please contact the service office: or 03641/945766. If there are free capacities, we will try to consider your wish.

Cancellation by collegiate sport

The collegiate sport can combine or cancel course offers when i.e. there are not enough participants. Already processed payments will be paid back by the collegiate sport without charging additional fees.

Privacy statement

All information will be saved mechanically. By registering, consent is given that the information can be used to create lists of attendance and suchlike. Photos, video- and film recording taken by the operator or a commissioner can be used without claim for injunctive relief.

Registration formalities


Onset of the registration:

Two weeks before the begin of the respective period Mondays at 8 a.m. (staggered by form of sport)

Group of participants

Students, employees, alumni, and trainees of Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, of state trade school for health and social policy, student union of Thuringia and members of USV Jena.

Members of USV Jena have the possibility to participate in collegiate sport paying the charge for students. An enrolment number is needed for registration. Members of USV receive a number from Mr. Thomas Fritsche ( or tel.: 03641/945765).

Alumni of Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena registered in JenAlumni can participate paying the charge for employees. Alumni have to contact our service stuff () oder Tel.: 03641/945761) for allocation of a booking code.

Other interested sportsmen can participate, if there are free spots in collegiate sport courses.