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Model of university sports

General principles of the university sport

Our general principles constitute an aid for orientation which is meant to be a helpful guidance for our staff, exercise instructors, and volunteer workers. Likewise, it illustrates what others can expect from us. On the one hand, it comprises an overview of our current work and communicates the prevailing moral values among ourselves and in dealing with our participants, members, and affiliates transparently. On the other hand, it outlines paths for future possibilities of development.

General principles of Jena's collegiate sport

* A grouping of the collegiate sport of the FSU Jena and Jena's university sports club -


Our philosophy

Discover sport as part of your life!

Our self-conception

Together with the university, we are THE recreational sport and sport for health provider for everyone in Jena. Our offer composes of an enormous and forward thinking variety of sport in the club's own and external sports facilities as well as a good cost effectiveness.

Through the possibilities of the collegiate sport, the university sports club (USV Jena), our affiliates, and networks, we have the possibility to bring people together and to not only move students and employees of the FSU Jena but the whole people of Jena.

With the goal to evolve sport as part of one's life, our qualified instructors mediate fun and health consciousness as well as modern and traditional values.

Our institutional basis

The collegiate sport is a service institution of the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena which legitimation results from federal and state law. Based on voluntariness and following the rhythm of the semesters, it provides every member of the university with a sport orientated offer for equilibrium between daily university routine and recreation.

The university sports club is a legally responsible, nonprofit organization with the objective of promoting sport, especially sport at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität. It provides the requirements for its members to engage in a broad variety of disciplines in exercise, training, and competition. It also organizes sportive events.

Both the university sports club and the collegiate sport find support in numerous affiliates like the Stadtsportbund Jena, the Landessportbund Thüringen, the Thüringer Hoch- und Fachschulsportverband, the Allgemeinen Deutschen Hochschulsportverband and the Deutschen Olympischen Sportbund.

(Entsprechende englische Begriffe sind mir zu den einzelnen Institutionen nicht bekannt. Da es zudem Eigennamen sind, habe ich sie so belassen, wie sie im Deutschen verwendet werden.)

Our key notes

Our action guiding motif is "Diverse.Living/Life.Moving". On this account, diverse stands for:

* Diversity in movement

* Diversity in intention for movement

* Diversity in function of movement

* Diversity in society and thereby, diversity stands for tolerance and respect towards other cultures and ways of life

Our comprehension of sport

As an organization member of the Thuringian Sport Association, the Landessportbund Thüringen, we identify ourselves with their comprehension of sport. Therefore, the core of our comprehension of sport is as follows:

* The joy of physical movement and performance

* The need for individual development and comparison

* The identity giving impact of competition

* The positive impact on health and the well-being of each individual

* The promotion of social solidarity

Our offer

* There are up to 7,500 spots in over 400 sport courses every semester and sporting facilities for our over 3,000 club members of every age group in 28 divisions

* From classical sports like football, handball, track and field, rowing, judo to established modern forms of movement like yoga, aerobic, beach volleyball, fitness training, jazz dance to trending and exotic sports like Zumba, climbing, jugger, and slacklining

* Offers from getting to know a sport to preparation for competition

* Recreational sport, learning and/or achievement oriented offers, health sport according to § 20 SGB VII

* Events, weekend workshops, seminars, sport trips, semester long courses, and courses all year long

* Opportunities for movement for every age group

* A social venue for every age, across cultures

* Opportunities for personal development through taking over responsibilities and tasks in cooperation and/or organization of sport

Our principles

Quality awareness

In conformity with the quality standards of Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, we set great value upon a high quality of our sport offers.

The constant qualification of our staff is equally part of our self-conception as well as the implementation and regular control of consistent quality standards.

We specifically promote the training and further training of our course instructors and of our volunteers as well as the communication among them and with them.

Thereby, we do not only set greatest value upon the technical but also upon the personal development.

Moreover, the warranty of the safety standards corresponding as well as the well-kept sporting facilities is an important concern to us. The meaning of this aspect for the collegiate sport in Jena is also reflected in the takeover of responsibility for prosecution, reconstruction, refurbishment of numerous collegiate sport facilities in 2012.

With all these measures, we create the requirements for a quality-conscious working atmosphere that bears all facets of our sport offers.

Promotion of social solidarity

The collegiate sport not only is a venue for sport, but also a social venue of the city and the University of Jena. It provides a platform for meeting and exchange. It considers itself as a motor of integration since collegiate sport moves everyone - without asking for age, religion, social affiliation, colour of skin, level of performance. Thereby, it overcomes cultural and social borders playfully in the true sense of the word. It brings people together with sport - not virtual, but immediate and straightforward.

Responsible activity towards people, society, environment

>> Environment

We clearly avouch to adherence of the democratic constitution, to participation and involvement, to ethical principles and to neglecting of violence, extremism, doping, and manipulation in sport.

>> People

For us, valued based interaction among and with each other is the foundation for every good cooperation.

Therefore, we consider mediating values like respect, tolerance, reliability, appreciation, trust, helpfulness, and sense of responsibility as an important function that can be provided with sport, through sport, but also apart of sport.

A special status in sport is taken by the aspect of fairness. Besides the adherence and acknowledgement of rules, fairness also means respectful interaction with opponents, development of team spirit, reduction of prejudices, and keeping one's composure after victory or defeat.

>> Environment

We set great value upon a conscious and economical usage of resources. This expresses itself not only with the solar collectors on our club buildings or the environmentally appropriate design of new constructions and remediation, but especially in interaction with people and material. Thus, with respect for each other and with an aware usage of sporting facilities and sporting material, every sportsman is shown a gently usage of limited resources in detail.

Motivation for engaging in sport

We feel confident that regular physical activity is an elemental part of a health enhancing way of life. This conviction motivates us to inspire everyone who engages in our sport offers for a lifelong activity in sport. The creation of positive experiences, the mediation of joy in movement, the aware perception and reflection of physiological as well as psychological impact of movement on one's own body hence are the guidance of action for us in the execution of our sport offer.

The general principles have been developed in a multistate process by the staff of collegiate sport in cooperation with USV Jena and were finally adopted on October 17th, 2012.