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Smart People Do Sports!

To create balance in your Studies, the University Sport Center, in collaboration with the University Club (USV Jena), offers a wide range of sporting activities for everyone in various fields. In addition to courses in the area of fitness and health, the programme also includes ball sports, individual sports, water sports and martial arts. There are sporting activities on offer for individuals, such as athletics and climbing, as well as a variety of dancing courses.

More than 200 trainers offer about 400 courses per week in 70 different sports throughout the semester. There is something for everyone - it doesn't matter if you prefer classic team sports like Basketball, Volleyball or Soccer or if you would like to try something new. The University Sport Center also offers Jugger, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Acrobatics, Cheerleading and much more.

1. Where you can find us


Universitätssportzentrum (USZ), Oberaue 1, Jena

Find us here

You can receive your Participant Card at our office.

USV-Sporthalle, Seidelstraße 20 a, Jena

Find us here

2. FAQ 

Who is allowed to participate?

The University Sport Center is open to everybody. However, students of the University of Jena and the FH Jena are granted a discount (see our conditions of participation).

How do I register?

You can only register online for courses at the Homepage of the University Sport Center (Hochschulsport, At the bottom of the "Sportangebot" tab, you will see the Online Registration form. Just choose the course you would like to participate in and click on "Kurse buchen".

When do I have to register?

Because of the heavy congestion on our courses we recommend you to register as soon as possible. Please take a look at our homepage ("Teilnehmerinformationen" --> "Termine") to stay informed about the registration opening date.

The registration for the 2016/2017 winter semester starts on Tuesday 4 October.

How do I have to pay? 

Since the start of 2014, when SEPA was introduced, we require the following: For your registration or booking you must provide your IBAN and then agree to the direct debit procedure.

I don`t have a German bank account, am I allowed to participate?

If you don't have a German bank account, that's no problem. Just send an Email to . Our staff will help you to get registered. You'll have to pay in cash then and there.

How can I contact my course instructor?

On the Online Registration form you will find the course details and also the name of your course instructor. You only need to click on the name and use the contact form.


I got injured during the course. What should I  do?

All Students of FSU Jena and the FH Jena are insured by the Insurance of Thuringia. If the injury requires a doctor appointment, you will need to fill out a form. This form will need to be in our office (USZ, Oberaue 1) within three days of your doctor's appointment. Your course instructor will give you the form or you can download it from our website under the  "Service" tab -> "Formulare". Please make sure you follow the instructions while filling out the form! If you have any questions please come to our office or contact us.

I can't make it to the course. What should I do?

Once you have registered, you are obliged to pay the course fee (see our conditions of participation). In certain exceptions we are able to cancel your registration. The decision is in the hands of the Team of the University Sport Center and is not made by the course instructor. If you need to cancel your registration, please write an Email to and explain your reasons. The cancelation is only possible if your course fee has not yet been transferred from your account.  If the money has already been transferred and you cancel your registration, the fee is not able to be refunded and is counted as a donation to the University Sport Center.