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Campus Talks podcast

Here you can find out all about our podcast Campus Talks.
Podcast Campus Talk
Image: Jana Kampe
podcast "Campusgespräch" (campustalk) podcast "Campusgespräch" (campustalk) Image: Liana Franke

Campus Talks’—our podcast in which we give the floor to a wide variety of people and groups of people from SGM who talk about health (directly or indirectly), the University of Jena, and much more. The podcast is in German, but everyone is welcome to listen in.

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    • Episode 1: Dr Reyk Albrecht: Mindfulness in times of Corona—(how) can it be achieved?
    • Episode 2: Prof. Dr Rüdiger Trimpop —What is positive about risks?
    • Episode 3: Work-life balance in the online semester
    • Episode 4: University sports—’vielfältig.leben.bewegen
    • Episode 5: Studierendenwerk Thüringen—an insight into the canteens and cafeterias
    • Episode 6: Enlightened! AOK PLUS and Student Health Management of the University of Jena
    • Episode 7: Serving up sustainability on a plate
    • Episode 8: Keep calm: work-life balance during the exam period —Click
    hier to download the workbook for the episode.