FAQs: All you need to know!

Here, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions!
Image: Jana Kampe
Who can participate in the SGM programme? Expand entry

Events offered by SGM are open to all students of the University of Jena. If any events are also open to University employees, doctoral candidates or prospective students, for example, this will be indicated in the event notice. 

How do I register? Expand entry

You can only register online via our booking portal. You can find the booking portal in the section ‘Get active: What we offer’.Here you can select the desired course or workshop and register by clicking on ‘Book course’. When registering online, you must provide a valid matriculation number, among other things. 

Can I participate in a course without prior registration? Expand entry

No, you have to register via the online booking portal in order to take part in courses. Only courses for which it is explicitly stated that no registration is required can be attended without registration. 

Are the courses free of charge? Expand entry

Yes. Thanks to our cooperation partner AOK Plus, the SGM offers are free of charge for students of the University of Jena. However, there are also courses in our booking portal that SMG only sponsors; in this case, students still have to pay a fee. In addition, we give other institutions at the University the opportunity to use our booking system, in which case there may also be a fee. In such cases, you will be informed of the costs in the course description.

Do the courses take place online or on site? Expand entry

You can find out whether a course takes place online or face-to-face in the course description under ‘Location’. For online courses, you will receive your Zoom meeting passcode by email before the course. If a course is cancelled due to changes in policies to contain the pandemic or is held as an online course, you will also be informed of this by email.  

How do I cancel my registration? Expand entry

You must cancel your registration for a course at least 48 hours before the course starts.  

As places are usually limited, we want to ensure that 1) other interested people on the waiting list still have enough time to register for the course and 2) the course instructors have enough lead time to send information to the participants by email.  

If you are unable to attend a course, please cancel as early as you can to give others a fair chance to participate. 

You can de-register from the course yourself via the booking portal. Your booking confirmation, which was sent to you by email, will contain a note on how to cancel your booking.

If you do not show up for a course without cancelling in time, you will be put on our no-show list. If it happens repeatedly that you do not show up for a course you registered for, you will be blocked from making future bookings. This is why we ask you to cancel your registration in good time.  

How can I contact the course instructor? Expand entry

In the online booking section, you will find the name of the course instructor in the course details. Simply click on the name and a contact form will open. 

I have suffered an injury—what now? Expand entry

If the injury requires a visit to the doctor, you will need to fill out an accident report form and submit it to the University Sports Office within three days of the injury. You can get the accident report form from your course instructor or download it from the  "Versicherungsschutz" de. Please be sure to follow the instructions given there for filling out the accident report form!

How does Zoom work? Expand entry

Please note: you can join the Zoom meeting either directly via your browser or by downloading the software—both options will take you to the live course. 
 If you want to join the meeting audio by phone, tap on ‘Join Audio’ or ‘Switch to Phone Audio’ in the bottom left-hand corner; if you are using a computer, click on ‘Join with Computer Audio’. Please ensure that your PC, tablet or smartphone is up and running and that you have a secure internet connection in good time before the course starts. Please switch your microphone to silent at the beginning of the course. 

Make sure you have enough space at home to participate in the course. If you require additional materials, you will be informed by email or by the course instructor. 

You are not allowed to record the Zoom online courses (incl. content)! 

The data protection regulations for the use of Zoom of Friedrich Schiller University Jena applies. Please see here for further information. 


Do I have to wear a mask during the activities? Expand entry

At the moment, masks are compulsory in the buildings, but they are not compulsory during sports activities. However, future regulations may make masks compulsory during sports activities as well. At theory events where a distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained, masks are compulsory. 

What are the Corona restrictions in place? Expand entry

You can only participate in offers of Student Health Management if you comply with the applicable regulations of the Federal Government, the Federal State of Thuringia and the City of Jena as well as the infection prevention plan of USV Jena e.V. On-site testing at the sports facilities is not possible. 

If, for example, the 3G rule applies (i.e. you have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested), you must provide the necessary proof in order to participate. If you are unable to do so, you are not entitled to a refund of the fee.