Improve Your Skills

Acquisition of qualifications in university sports

Improve Your Skills
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Acquisition of qualifications in university sports

"Educational hunger and thirst for knowledge does not make you fat." (Lothar Schmidt)

And therefore, we promote your professional and personal development in many ways. Regardless of your field of study, you can acquire key qualifications in university sports and have them recognized as study achievement. In the module "event management" you design and organize together with your fellow students an own event and carry it through. With the restructuring of German degree programs in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, the imparting of vocationally qualifying competencies in the course of study is significantly upgraded. The term "employability" as an educational goal is a central anchor point in the study concept of the reform process.

Students should learn to focus more on their own skills and abilities based on their professional, social and methodological competences, thereby promoting their self-management. This self-management is increasingly necessary in times of changing working environments, as a move from rigid employment relationships to flexible project-based employment with less time and place binding.

In this way, students should learn to master project work in the teaching concept of university sports. Beyond concrete technical requirements, they learn to deal with area and situation-specific requirements.

The registration takes place via Friedolin.

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