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A conversation between body and soul
Tanzfest 2018 1
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Dancing as the oldest form of human expression is more popular than ever. TV formats like "You can dance", "Let`s dance" or "Got to dance" prove it right. In every culture, people dance in the most diverse ways and with very different intentions. Whether in jazz dance, hip hop or modern dance, ballet, salsa or dance acrobatics, there are no limits to the variety of movement and dance possibilities. And if you want to try out several styles, you might find what you are looking for in Dancemix or in the performance group UNIted Dance Crew.

Depending on the course concept, both beginners and advanced dancers have the opportunity to dance or train in small or large groups, in pairs or individually. As a rule, each course has its own concept, which, according to the respective style, includes a dance warm-up, technique training, the development of conditional factors (e. g. flexibility, strength, endurance) and, above all, work on various choreographies. There is an individual chance to develop one's own skills, learn new ones or just to deal with the music, the choreography and one's own movements - just to switch off and dance for a while.

As a special highlight, the annual dance festival in January offers all active members the chance to present what they have learned in front of a dance-loving audience.

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“Dancing is dreaming with your legs.”
“Dancing is not just an art form. It’s a heart form.”
“Dancing is the poetry of the foot.”
“Dancing is also sport.”

As diverse as the quotes to dance, as diverse is our offer. In over 30 different course concepts, every dancer finds the right way to move athletically and dance.

Couple Dance: Rock’n’roll, Lindy Hop, Tango, Social Dance, Bachata, Salsa Cubana, …

Hip Hop, Street: Hip Hop, Street Dance, Lady Style, Dance Hall, Street Jazz/Videoclip, K-Pop …

International Dance: International Folklore, Brazilian Zouk, Bollywood, Oriental Dance, Flamenco, Indian Dance.

Classical, Modern, Jazz: Jazz and Modern Dance, Ballet Classical, Ballet Revolution, ...

Dance and movement with equipment: Rope Skipping, Poi Dance, Hoop Dance, Cheerleading, Juggling, …

Specials and Show Dance: Dance Acrobatics, Burlesque, Lady Dance, Heel Dance, Contact Impro…

The goals are as varied as the course concepts, but the joy of movement with music and getting to know new forms of expression always come first.

All interested parties can find detailed course descriptions, pictures and video links to the respective goals and contents of the individual courses on our homepage for booking.

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