ONE FOR ALL! - The motto of the UNISPORT Card hits the nail on the head! With one booking, a huge range of university sports is open to you. Every day you can attend many courses, use the fitness area and receive additional benefits when booking further courses! So get it!
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)


Choose from up to 80 UNISPORT Card courses per week, use our four indoor and outdoor fitness areas as well as other selected sports facilities, discounted participation in our standard courses and much more - the UNISPORT Card offers you all this.

This means that one week you can do volleyball and yoga, for example, and the next week maybe slingfit, calisthenics or endurance running. These so-called "UNISPORT Card courses" are not limited, you can theoretically take part in different courses several times a week and also use our sports facilities and fitness areas. 

Booking der UNISPORT Card de

What does the UNISPORT Card cost?

The UNISPORT Card is debited monthly and costs per
costs the following per month:

  • Students and USV members: 7 euros per month.
  • University employees and alumni: 12 euros per month
  • External participants: 16 euros per month

The card normally runs for three months. 

If the card is booked, it automatically expires on the due date. There is no prior cancellation option.
It is possible to re-book at any time.

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