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Insurance cover

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All students and employees of the Thuringian universities are accident-insured by the accident insurance Thuringia (UKT) according to SGB VII under the following conditions:

  • Students, at all official events of the university sports. Employees, at all official events of university sports under the following conditions:
  • Exercise must be adequate to compensate work-related and mental stress.
  • It must take place with a certain regularity.
  • The circle of participants must be essentially limited to members of the universities.
  • The sport must be carried out company-related (officially by the institution of the university).
  • The exercises must be balanced in terms of time and duration with the work.

Students and employees must be registered online.

For civil servants: an accident in university sports is only considered a service accident if, in addition to the aforementioned criteria, the following conditions are met:


  • An attendance list must be kept alongside an approved tutorial plan.

Concerning more specific individual cases no statements can be made in advance by university sports. The individual case decision is incumbent upon the UKT. After accident report there will be decided on acceptance or rejection. If rejected, any costs, such as treatment and follow-up costs, must be borne privately.

The Studentenwerk of Thuringia offers students additional leisure accident insurances. More information can be found here.

Private insurance with a sufficient range of services is strongly recommended in this context! For sporting events abroad, a foreign health certificate of the respective health insurance is to take along.

External participants in university sports are insured as temporary members via the USV. When registering online, the external user accepts a limited membership in the USV Jena. The fee for this is included in the normal course fee. The membership ends with the completion of the course.