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Health Courses & Workshops
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See what we offer during the lecture-free period under booking. Thanks to our cooperation partner AOK Plus, which supports the project under the Prevention Act, students of the University of Jena can take part in our courses free of charge! 


Having reached warning level 3 of the Thuringian early warning system, only those persons who have been vaccinated or have recovered and/or can prove a current negative test result may participate in indoor sports (see section 46 subsection 1 of the applicable Thuringian ordinance ThürSARS-CoV-2-KiJuSSp-VO). We kindly ask you to take note of this; your status will be checked prior to participation. We ask you to understand that we have to comply with the provisions of the Thuringian ordinances and the general decree and hope that our sporting activities will continue smoothly under the given conditions. Please see the following link for the current warning level for the city of Jena:

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Stress prevention training from mid-November 2021 Expand entry

Free stress prevention training

Get to know and practice strategies for coping with stress (mindfulness and communication techniques)

he Department of Research Synthesis, Intervention and Evaluation offers you the opportunity to participate in a free stress prevention training course for students as part of a research project. Over the course of four sessions (once a week), you will learn and practise central mindfulness and communication techniques that can help you cope with stress and organize your everyday life as a student. The training will take place on site. The 1st session has a duration of approx. 100 minutes, all other sessions of approx. 30–40 minutes.
If you complete the accompanying questionnaires, you will receive an expense allowance (from the 2nd MZP onwards) and, if required, test subject hours.

  • Start: from mid-November 2021
  • Register by email to:

We are looking forward to receiving your registration and to your participation!
 The Stress Prevention Team

Project leader: Dr Constance Karing ()

Online counselling on resilience Expand entry

RES-UP! Free online counselling service offered by Witten/Herdecke University as part of a research project

At times, all of use—some more, some less—find it difficult to cope with everyday life and to hold our heads up straight despite all adversities and circumstances.
 How do some people still manage to remain resilient?


 RES-UP! focuses on this resilience and promotes your personal strengths. This involves dealing with your existing strengths as well as with difficult situations.

 The RES-UP! counselling programme is aimed at all people who ...
  have a high level of stress in everyday life,
  are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded,
  have psychological problems,
 ... in other words, all those who want to promote their resilience, but especially those who are already burdened by psychological problems.

  • The programme comprises five modules; three questionnaires are answered on the benefit of the programme.
  • Duration: one week per module, final questionnaires after six and twelve weeks
  • You will be guided by a trained person with a degree in psychology who helped develop the programme.
  • All project staff are bound by professional secrecy!
  • You can participate from the comfort of your home!

Click here  if you want to find out more about RES-UP! and how to register.

DAB - Digitial Active Break Expand entry

Stay active despite Corona!

DAB is our free digital break programme for students and employees of the University.

Whatever the duration of your break or your motivation, there's something for you! 

Have you already seen the new Brain Break  videos? We offer videos for your activation, concentration and relaxation. At the same time, you'll get an idea of the variety of university sports and lots of tips for an active everyday life.

We are constantly expanding our offer. It's worth checking it out regularly!