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Registration & Participation

  • When does the sports program begin and when does enrollment start?

    The course program usually starts in the second week of lectures. The enrollment for the UNISPORT Card starts every 01.10. and 01.04. (Current times can be found hereExternal link.)

  • Who can participate?

    University Hospital Jena, the Ernst Abbe University Jena, the Studierendenwerk Thüringen and USV members. Students from other Thuringian universities can participate at the student rate.

    Interested Federal Volunteers and trainees of the Friedrich Schiller University and the EAH Jena please get their user number, which is necessary for the enrollment, before the start of the enrollment via hochschulsport.hilfe@uni-jena.de  by presenting the required proof document (trainee, BFD ID).

    USV members have the opportunity to participate in university sports courses at the student rate. The USV membership number is required for registration. This number can be found on every invoice for the membership fee, which members receive by email a few days before the membership fee is collected.

    Alumni of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena who are registered with JenAlumni can participate in the sports courses of the University Sports Center at the employee rate. Alumni contact the service office of the University Sports for the assignment of a user number: hochschulsport.hilfe@uni-jena.de  by presenting the required confirmation from the alumni network. The personal user number is assigned once. The user number can still be used for future bookings. The registration in the alumni network of the University Jena takes place here.

    Also external persons (e.g. Jena population) have the possibility to participate in the university sports courses if there are free capacities. A user number is not required.

    The booking process is identical to that for students. Only the status field has to be selected.

  • How do I register?

    Registration takes place exclusively online via our university sports page. You can access the online booking via the "Sports program" section. Simply select the desired sport and the desired course and click on "Book course".

    Students must provide their valid matriculation number, among other information, when registering online.

    USV members must enter their valid USV membership number when registering online. This can be found on every membership fee invoice that members receive by email a few days before the membership fees are collected.

    Employees must enter their current work phone number when registering online.

    Alumni of the FSU Jena can only register with a user number, which is assigned by the university sports department. To get your personal user number, please contact hochschulsport.hilfe@uni-jena.de . In order to assign you a user number, we need the registration confirmation from the alumni network. You can register for the FSU Jena alumni network here.

    External users do not need a user number for the online registration.

  • Can I participate in the course without registering?

    No. Participation is only possible after prior registration.

  • My requested course is fully booked. What now?

    If your desired course is fully booked, you can put yourself on the waiting list of the respective course offer. We will notify you by e-mail as soon as a place is available.

  • Is there a possibility to change the course?

    Rebooking to other offers is generally not possible. However, if you are interested in a change of offer, please contact the service office: hochschulsport.hilfe@uni-jena.de . If there are free course capacities, we will try to consider your request.

  • Is it possible to withdraw from the course?

    Cancellation of booked offers is not possible. There is no refund of the fees. If the offer is not used, the amount counts as a donation for mass sports. Separate cancellation regulations apply for the camps of the university sports.

  • Is it possible to cancel my participation in a camp?

    You can withdraw from the trip at any time before the start of the trip. Decisive is the receipt of the cancellation, which must be in writing. The amount of the cancellation fee will be calculated according to this (see conditions of participation). We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance.  

    If you cannot start the trip or the course for any reason, we are entitled to charge compensation for the travel arrangements made and expenses incurred.

  • Do I need to bring materials for the courses?

    As a rule, we provide the necessary materials, so you should bring nothing but motivation to do sports. Should you need to bring your own materials in an exceptional case, this will be communicated in the respective course description.

  • Are there any special events at university sports?

    Every year we host over 20 different events and tournaments. Furthermore, we offer various workshops and camps. Just have a look at our sports program in the "Events de" section or on our events page.

  • I am participating in the guest student program at the University of Jena. Where do I get my matriculation number for registration?

    Participants in the guest auditor program of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena can write an e-mail to hochschulsport.hilfe@uni-jena.de , combined with the request for the assignment of a participant number.


  • What is the Unisport Card?

    By booking the UNISPORT Card you can choose from up to 80 UNISPORT Card courses per week, use of our four indoor and outdoor fitness areas and other selected sports facilities as well as discounted participation in our standard courses.

    The UNISPORT Card is not a "physical" card, you can get it comfortably from home with a few clicks on our booking pageExternal link.

  • How can I participate in the UNISPORT Card courses?

    By booking the UNISPORT Card I have the possibility to use all UNISPORT Card courses for free. To avoid problems with overcrowded courses, we recommend pre-registration for all UNISPORT Card courses. This starts 7 days before the respective course date. If I cannot attend the course, I have the possibility to cancel the pre-registration via the booking system. You are free to join the courses without pre-registration. However, if all course places are already taken, you will not be able to participate in the course.

  • How do I prove in the courses that I have the UNISPORT Card?

    With the booking of the UNISPORT Card you will receive a booking confirmation, to which a participation ticket is attached. You have to bring this ticket together with your thoska (if status "student*r selected) to the UNISPORT Card courses.

  • Can I also book courses without a UNISPORT Card?

    This option remains, but the course fees are higher than when booking with UNISPORT Card. The course booking is only possible for the additional course program, UNISPORT Card courses cannot be booked.

  • Which courses can still be booked without UNISPORT Card at no extra charge?
    • Children's offers
    • Events/Tournaments
    • employee offers close to the workplace
    • Course rental
    • Health & Fit courses
    • Teambuilding measures
    • Educational events
    • Day and weekend workshops
    • Courses in cooperation with external providers (e.g. climbing and bouldering)
  • Are there waiting lists for UNISPORT Card courses?

    If the pre-registration lists are already full, it is possible to put yourself on the waiting list for the course date. As soon as a place becomes available you will be notified by e-mail.

  • Can I cancel my registration for UNISPORT Card courses?

    The pre-registration for the UNISPORT Card courses is binding. If I cannot attend the course, I have the possibility to cancel the course online. If you do not show up for the course despite pre-registration, Unisport reserves the right to exclude you from the course registration for a limited period of time.

  • Do I need a thoska for the UNISPORT Card?

    For the booking/use of the sports courses included in the UNISPORT Card, a Thoska is not mandatory. However, if you want to use the entire UNISPORT Card offer (including the indoor fitness areas in the USZ and in the USV sports hall), then a thoska is required. Only with a Thoska it can be guaranteed that you can use the fitness areas (indoor) extensively. This applies to the fitness area in the USZ as well as to the fitness area in the USV sports hall. Access is only possible with a validated Thoska.

  • What do I do if I don't have a thoska?

    Each person has the possibility to purchase a guest thoska at any time at the Thuringian University and State Library Jena (Bibliothekspl. 2, 07743 Jena) (10,00 Euro). Simply enter the thoska number (on the back) when registering online. The card will be activated automatically within the next two working days. If the registration is done before the beginning of the course period, the Thoska will work from the first day of the course period. If the thoska number is known only after the registration, please send us the number by e-mail to hochschulsport.hilfe@uni-jena.de . Afterwards the card will be activated.

  • What about if I have a thoska but do not study or work at the University of Jena?

    If you have not been activated in the past (e.g. for the fitness areas) in the Unisport, you must come to us at the info point in the USV sports hall (Seidelstraße 20a, here you will find the current activation times). We will then read your Thoska and activate the areas. Afterwards you can use the fitness areas. This mainly affects students of the EAH Jena, the Bauhaus University Weimar and employees of the University Hospital Jena.

  • What is the Thoska number needed for when registering?

    The Thoska number is needed to unlock access to the fitness areas. Once your Thoska is unlocked, all you need to do is hold it up to the reader in front of the fitness areas and you will gain access to the premises.

  • Which sports facilities can I use additionally with the UNISPORT Card?

    Holders of the UNISPORT Card and USV members can use the following sports facilities free of charge during free times without prior registration (as proof all users* must show their booking confirmation of the UNISPORT Card (+ if applicable Thoska) on site or USV members an invoice with membership number):

    • Beach volleyball courts (USZ) | (Mon-Fri | 07:30-10:30 a.m.)*
    • Calisthenics facility (USZ)
    • Crosstraining facility (USZ)
    • Fitness areas USZ (indoor and outdoor)
    • Fitness areas USV sports hall (indoor)
    • Artificial turf mini field (USZ) | (Mon-Fri | 08:00-14:00)
    • Running track (USZ)
    • Multi-beach facility (USZ) | (Mon-Fri | 08:00-14:00)*
    • Streetball (Basketball) (USZ)
    • Tennis courts (USZ) | (Mon-Fri | 08:00-14:00) 
    • Table tennis tables (USZ)
    • Health Area

    *summer semester only

  • I booked my UNISPORT Card later. What to do?

    The UNISPORT Card is valid from the moment you have booked it. A subsequent crediting of courses already booked in advance is not possible. From the moment you book the UNISPORT Card, you can also book the courses at the UNISPORT Card price.

Freshman Campaign

  • What is the freshman campaign?

    If you sign up for the UNISPORT Card, you will receive two months of the UNISPORT Card for free!

    One free month is financed by the Student Health Management with its cooperation partner, the AOK Plus, the other month is given to you by the University Sports.

  • What are the requirements to participate in the freshman campaign?

    If you sign up for the UNISPORT Card, you will receive two months of the UNISPORT Card for free!

    One free month is financed by the Student Health Management with its cooperation partner, the AOK Plus, the other month is given to you by the University Sports.


  • How do I pay for my courses?

    The registration for all offers takes place exclusively online, the payment exclusively by direct debit, which is consented to with the registration. Booking via the Internet constitutes a binding registration and implies knowledge and acceptance of the following conditions of participation. A cash payment of the fee in the office is not possible!

  • Under what conditions are course fees reimbursed?

    Course fees "Sports courses

    In exceptional cases, course fees can be refunded if an injury prevents participation in the course. In this case, a report must be made to the University Sports Office within the first three weeks of the course and a medical certificate must be submitted stating that further participation in the course is not possible. A processing fee will be charged for the return transfer of the course fee. 

    The Hochschulsport can cancel offers completely if, for example, the required minimum number of participants is not reached. In this case, course fees already paid will be refunded in full by Hochschulsport.

    Fees "Camps

    You can withdraw from the trip at any time before the start of the trip. The date of receipt of the cancellation notice, which must be in writing, is decisive. We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance.  If you cannot start the trip or the course for any reason, we are entitled to claim compensation for the travel arrangements made and expenses incurred.  

    Payment for the camps will be made according to the respective course conditions. In the event of cancellation, we may demand a lump sum compensation calculated according to the following percentages per person of the tour price or partial service:  

    • Up to 60 days before departure: 20
    • up to 30 days before departure: 30
    • up to 22 days before departure: 50
    • up to 8 days before departure: 80
    • from 7 days before departure: 90
    • from 1 day before departure or no-show: 95%.
      In any case a handling fee of 25,00 € of the total costs has to be paid.


  • How will I know if a course is cancelled or changes?

    The course participants will be informed by the instructor via e-mail about short-term changes or cancellations.

Injury & Sports Break

  • I have hurt myself. What now?

    If the injury requires a doctor's visit, an accident report form must be completed and submitted to the University Sports Office within three days of the injury. You can obtain the accident report form from your exercise instructor or download it from the "Insurance Coverage" section. Please be sure to follow the instructions for filling out the accident report form!

  • No course participation possible. What now?

    According to our conditions of participation, registration for a sports course is binding and obligates the student to pay the course fee. In justified exceptional cases, the Hochschulsport can cancel the registration. However, approval is solely at the discretion of the University Sports staff and not the exercise instructors. In this case, please send an email to the Hochschulsport service address hochschulsport.hilfe@uni-jena.de  stating the reason for cancellation. A prerequisite for cancellation is that the course fee has not yet been collected by direct debit. Should a reason arise after payment of the course fee that makes participation impossible, the course fee will be considered a donation to Hochschulsport. Via the booking confirmation there is the possibility to cancel one's course place. This only means that the place will be released for other students. For a possible refund of the course fees, please contact the above e-mail address.

Sports facilities

  • Which sports facilities can I rent?

    At the moment you can book the following sports facilities: 

    • Tennis Artificial turf fields
    • Artificial turf mini-pitch
    • Artificial turf fields
    • Beach volleyball facilities
    • Multibeach facility
    • Streetball facility, running track and table tennis tables
    • Health Area

    With the UNISPORT Card you also have the possibility to use selected sports facilities for free at certain times of the day. Booking of sports facilities still remains necessary to ensure better planning of available spaces. For more information look here.

  • Where and how can I rent the sports facility?

    Sports facility rentals are made through our booking programExternal link

    If a larger event is planned for which our sports facilities are needed, please contact our staff member Denise Alkewitz (denise.alkewitz@usvjena.de ).

  • How can I register for the fitness areas?

    Our fitness offer (UNIFIT) is part of the UNISPORT Card and therefore free of charge for UNISPORT Card holders. The offer consists of:

    The Fitness Area 1, Calisthenics and Crosstraining facility, which are located in the University Sports Center (Oberaue 1).

    The fitness area 2, which is located in the USV Sporthalle (Seidelstraße 20a) on the 1st floor.

  • What are the opening hours of the gym?

    The current opening hours can be found here.

    Fitness use on holidays: 

    Fitness area USV sports hall: 14-20 hrs.

    Fitness area USZ: 09-20 h

    Sauna USZ: 16-18.30 h

  • When is a trainer in indoor fitness?

    Trainer hours fitness area 2 USV gymnasium:

    Monday - Friday 4 - 8 p.m.

    Saturday - Sunday 14 - 20 o'clock

    During the trainer hours, a fitness trainer is available on site to support you in your training. This includes, among other things, the presentation of exercises, equipment instruction, error correction or the creation of training plans.

  • Can I borrow balls or rackets from you?

    During the service hours you can borrow balls and rackets free of charge from our service team upon presentation of a deposit.

Online Courses

  • Which courses are in the digital sports offer?

    An overview of our current digital sports courses can be found hereExternal link. We have UNISPORT Card courses as well as standard courses in our digital sports program.

  • How do I participate in the online courses?

    Please note: you can join the Zoom meeting both directly via your browser and with a small download - both options will take you to the live course.

    For the audio, click on "join audio" or on "join audio via devices" at the bottom left of your cell phone, and click on "join audio via computer" on your PC. Please make sure that your PC, tablet or smartphone is technically ready and that you have a secure internet connection before the course starts. Please switch your microphone to silent at the beginning of the course.

    Make sure you have enough space at home to participate in the course. If additional course-specific materials (e.g. special sportswear, mat, towel, etc.) are required, the information will be provided by e-mail or by the course instructor.

    Recording of online courses (incl. content) at Zoom is not permitted!

    The privacy policy for the use of Zoom of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena applies. Further information can be found hereExternal link.

    Note: Participants of the Unisportcard courses in the online area will receive a weekly updated link for participation.

Valuable items

  • Where to put my valuables during training?

    We recommend that you take as few valuables as possible with you to sports. Valuables and clothing should not be left in the locker room. In our sports facilities (University Sports Center, DoJo, USV Sports Hall) we offer lockers where clothes and valuables can be locked. A padlock is required for this purpose. This has to be brought by yourself. The locker must be emptied again after the exercise.

Exercise instructor

  • How can I become a coach for university sports?

    If you are interested in working for us, please feel free to send us your application using the following form PDFpdf, 434 kb · de,  - just fill out the form and send it directly to Denise Alkewitz (denise.alkewitz@usvjena.de ).

  • An accident happened in my class. What now?

    If course participants are affected by the accident, they must fill out the accident form for students and employees or the accident form for external persons.

    University sports instructors are insured by the Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft. For this reason, an accident report is NOT necessary. Instead, the attending physician must be informed that the person in question is insured through the Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft. 

    The accident forms and other instructions can be found in the exercise leaders section  deof our website.

  • I would like to do my hourly billing. Where can I find the form?

    nformation for creating your timesheet and the billing form can be found in the Exercise Leaders section  deof our website.

General FAQ

  • How can I contact my instructor?

    In the online booking area you will find the name of the instructor in the course details. Just click on the name and a contact form will open.

  • How can I contact the office?

    Please direct general inquiries to:


    Tel.: 03641/ (9) 45766

    Telephone hours:Monday to Friday: 16:30 - 21:30
    Saturday & Sunday: 10:30 - 20:00 o'clock

  • How do I get a certificate of participation for the health insurance / stamp for the bonus booklet?

    Confirmation of your participation in one of our courses in any form is no problem. Just follow the instructions in the info sheet below.

    Info sheetpdf, 139 kb · de to confirm course participation for insurance purposes.

  • My question is not included. What now?

    Just send an email to hochschulsport.hilfe@uni-jena.de  and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.