Danke für einen wunderschönen Tag im Yogaparadies Jena

Yoga and music festival 02.07.2022

We are happy to invite you to this year's Yoga and Music Festival. You can expect a full day of yoga, meditation, workshops, live stage with live music, a marketplace with vegetarian and vegan oriented regional street food and much more!
Danke für einen wunderschönen Tag im Yogaparadies Jena
Image: Tobias Findeis

Everyone is welcome, young and old, advanced yogis, but also passionate beginners – we would like to invite to the second edition of our yoga and music festival. Enjoy yoga classes together under the relaxing sounds of authentic live music.

Let's dive into the magical world of yoga together: Explore the different yoga styles in our exciting classes and workshops, learn more about meditating, the basics of yoga philosophy and how to integrate different relaxation techniques into your everyday life and enjoy our regional food delicacies.

Be part of it

Get your tickets for our festival now! There are three registration phases and different price categories. Please note: The number of participants is limited!

04. - 30.04.2022


01.05. - 12.06.2022 13.06. – 02.07.2022
  • UnisportCard holder: 33 €
  • Students: 39 €
  • Employees: 46 €
  • Externals: 54 €
  • UnisportCard holder: 38 €
  • Students: 44 €
  • Employees: 51 €
  • Externals: 59 €
  • UnisportCard holder: 43 €
  • Students: 49 €
  • Employees: 56 €
  • Externals: 64 €

With every ticket order (festival ticket – not concert ticket) you can expect your personal YOGAGURT, a free drink and healthy snacks on site.

For those who want to join us in the evening, we offer a discounted concert ticket for the last 120 minutes (19:00 to 21:00). With the concert ticket you can participate in 60 minutes of Yin Yoga with Dorit and afterwards attend the concert of Markus Mascher.

Besides Cosmic Ocean we will have Ivonne and her harmonium as well as Markus Mascher on site. The ticket price is €5.00.

Click here to go directly to the booking:     festival ticket            concert ticket

Mit jeder Ticketbestellung bekommst Du einen hochwertigen Yogagurt geschenkt. Mit jeder Ticketbestellung bekommst Du einen hochwertigen Yogagurt geschenkt. Image: Sven Jaekel
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Obstgut Triebe


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Organisation Team Yoga & Music Festival

  • Ms Marleen Stoltz
  • Ms Josephine Schwadt
  • Ms Dorit Kuntze
  • Mr. Sven Jaekel