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4th Yoga and Music Festival June 15, 2024

We are happy to invite you to this year's Yoga and Music Festival. You can expect a full day of yoga, meditation and live music!
Yin Yoga
Image: Tobias Findeis
Graphic: Tobias Findeis
Yoga- und Musikfestival
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Our yoga and music festival in pictures

Everyone is welcome, young and old, advanced yogis, but also passionate beginners – we would like to invite to the second edition of our yoga and music festival. Enjoy yoga classes together under the relaxing sounds of authentic live music.

Let's dive into the magical world of yoga together: Explore the different yoga styles in our exciting classes and workshops, learn more about meditating, the basics of yoga philosophy and how to integrate different relaxation techniques into your everyday life and enjoy our regional food delicacies.

Get your tickets for our festival now! There are three registration phases and different price categories. Please note: The number of participants is limited!

03. - 30.04.2023 


01.05. - 11.06.2023 12.06. – 01.07.2023
  • UnisportCard holder: 40 €
  • Students: 45 €
  • Employees: 50 €
  • Externals: 60 €
  • UnisportCard holder: 45 €
  • Students: 50 €
  • Employees: 55 €
  • Externals: 65 €
  • UnisportCard holder: 50 €
  • Students: 55 €
  • Employees: 60 €
  • Externals: 70 €

With every festival ticket you can expect your personal YOGADECKE in festival design, a free drink and healthy snacks on site.

Here you can book your festival ticket directly: > FestivalticketExternal link  

Your yoga blanket to the festival ticket.
Image: Unisport Health Team

For those who would like to join us in the evening, we offer a discounted concert ticket for the last 150 minutes at a ticket price of 10 €. The first 50 concert tickets will receive their personal YOGAGURT. 


  • 19:00 - 20:00: Yin and Sound Yoga with Mona & Milena.
  • 20:00 - 20:30: Live music Handpan & Markus Mascher
  • 20:30 - 21:00: End with music and Show group UNIted Dance Crew

Click here for booking: > KonzertticketExternal link

Your yoga belt to the concert ticket.
Image: Sven Jaekel

Dive into the world of yoga! Vinyasa Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Acro Yoga, Laughter Yoga and many other yoga workshop formats await you this year. Our sun area invites you to dynamic yoga sessions, on the moon area you can end the afternoon and find inner peace. For those who want to take part in a yoga workshop like Acro Yoga or try out a free palm, we have designed our star areas. Our star areas are also available for chilling in our hammocks or for a tasty snack in between.

Yoga- and Musikfestival program 2023
Image: Unisport Jena
Handstand Workshop
Image: Tobias Findeis
Give Away of festival and concert tickets: coming soon on our Instagram account (@unisport_jena) and on site at the event series Yogaparadies Jena.
  • Opening meditation with Sevinc
    Image: Unisport Jena

    Meditation can have many forms. In this meditation we want to arrive, just be there, in the place, in the moment, with everything that is. Perceive, feel, breathe.

  • Power Vinyasa Flow with Vlad
    Image: Tobias Findeis

    After the meditation, the following session will bring some dynamism and variety. This hour will start with the sun salutations, then move into various standing and sitting sequences and end with deep relaxation. All are welcome - beginners as well as the more advanced.

  • Yoga Dance Flow with Mandy
    Image: Unisport Jena

    Yoga Dance Flow combines breathing, movement and music. The movements are choreographed. The atmospheric music is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

  • Warrior Workshop with Florence
    Image: Florence

    Warrior I, II and III, Peaceful and Humble Warrior. You may know many of these asanas or will get to know them at the latest at the warrior workshop with me. We will look at the physically correct execution as well as the different modifications you can do depending on your level and constitution. Besides the effect of the asanas on the body and mind, you will also learn more about the history of the warrior. In addition, we will also look at the different ways you can modify each warrior depending on the thematic focus.

  • Twisting/ Twist and Shine Flow with Marleen
    Image: Unisport Jena

    Twists are true all-rounders. They strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, release tension and blockages, stimulate digestion and bring you peace and clarity.

  • Yin & Sound with Mona & Milena
    Mona & Milena
    Mona & Milena
    Image: Florian Hagenbring

    In Yin Yoga, positions are mainly held in a sitting or lying position for an extended period of time to work on our fasciae and meridians. The calm and meditative Yin practice meets in this workshop with therapeutic sound instruments such as singing bowls, gong & Koshis. Like gentle touches, you can experience the sounds in the yin postures and find relaxation, clarity and regeneration through this interplay.


  • Slow Hatha Flow with Florence
    Image: Florence

    Sometimes gently flowing, sometimes powerfully grounding: in Slow Hatha Flow you can get in touch with yourself through the connection between body and breath. Free of performance thoughts, you can determine your own level thanks to the variations offered here and thus strengthen your awareness of your body.

    In addition to asanas, the class is complemented by stress-reducing pranayama and a short meditation, which you can also incorporate into your everyday life at any time. So you can also take a bit of this practice home with you.

  • Laugh Yoga with Lukas
    Image: Unisport Jena

    Do you want to get to know a completely different kind of yoga? Then come to Laughter Yoga and let yourself be fascinated by a unique method! Here there is pure joy, fun and laughter!

  • Pranayama with Vlad
    Image: Tobias Findeis

    This workshop is about breathing in yoga. Different breathing techniques (such as abdominal breathing or alternate breathing) will be practiced, with variations for beginners and advanced students. Participants will discover how certain breathing exercises affect them.

  • Front Splits with Irena (English)
    Irena G.
    Irena G.
    Image: Unisport Jena

    In the front splits workshop (alternativ "Hanumanasana Workshop") by Irena we will both strengthen and stretch the muscles to increase body awareness for the front splits, known in Yoga as the Hanumanasana. Complementary to traditional passive stretch we will use facilitated stretch and isometric engagement techniques. The goal of the workshop is to learn a biomechanically reasonable alignment as well as techniques to progress safely towards the front splits from any starting point. The workshop takes place in English but the important parts will be explained in German as well! (Make sure you are well warmed up for the Hanumanasana Workshop.)

  • Acro Yoga with Tommy & Christina
    Tommy & Christina
    Tommy & Christina
    Image: Tommy & Christina

    Acroyoga combines a wide variety of asanas with therapeutic flying and connects them through dynamic transitions. The almost unlimited number of different figures and their juxtapositions opens up a wide spectrum of flows, which can be very varied.

Yoga- and Musikfestival program 2023
Image: Unisport Jena

At our yoga festival you can relive the energy of real live concerts. Listen, chill or dance. Our varied music program has something for everyone - solo singing by Markus Mascher, atmospheric handpand sounds by Christoph and relaxing sound music between our individual yoga classes.

Image: Christoph Handpan
Image: Markus Mascher
Image: Florian Hagenbring
  • Handpan
    Christoph mit seiner Handpan
    Christoph mit seiner Handpan
    Image: Christoph W.

    The sounds of the handpan can be sometimes powerfully percussive, sometimes gently touching, and always harmonious. When Christoph plays it, he lets himself be guided by the environment and the mood. There are no prefabricated pieces of music, or distance to the audience. Sitting at the hall he invites everyone to explore the sounds of the handpan with him.

    You can find a few impressions of Christoph on his Instagram account @handpan_jenaExternal link

  • Yin and Sound
    Image: Florian Hagenbring

    "Yin yoga predominantly involves holding positions in a seated or lying position for an extended period of time to work on our fascia and meridians. The calm and meditative Yin practice meets therapeutic sound instruments such as singing bowls, gong & koshis in this workshop.

    Like gentle touch, you can experience the sounds in the yin postures and find relaxation, clarity and regeneration through this interplay."

  • Markus Mascher
    Markus Mascher
    Markus Mascher
    Image: Markus Mascher

    Markus Mascher's music invites you to dream and dance. With velvety voice honest and profound lyrics are wrapped in atmospheric guitar sounds. 

    Sometimes gentle, then again powerful. From quiet, vulnerable melancholy he finds his way to hopeful optimism.

    You can find a few impressions of his music here hierExternal link.

ustainability is a matter close to our hearts. That is why we have chosen sustainable and regional products for our food offerings and market stalls. Included are the unique lino prints unique lino prints with yoga motifs, the boho-style macramé by Fräuleinheld, hand-knotted malas, bracelets, jewelry and postcards, sustainable fashion by Waelde and much more.

Our market stalls also have a lot to offer - feast on our healthy vegetarian and vegan soul food, fortify yourself with regional fruits and vegetables, discover true treasures of handmade jewelry and store sustainably and with a good conscience.

  • Stoltz

    Here you get unique linoleum prints with yoga motifs - whether bookmark, notepad or print. You will also find handmade earrings, whether colorful or very simple.

    More impressions can be found on Instagram: www.instagram.com/hausamdruck/External link 

  • FraeuleinHeld

    Boho style macramé made with love.

    More impressions can be found on Instagram: www.instagram.com/hausamdruck/ External link

  • Waeldeclothing

    WAELDE offers clothing and accessories made of GOTS certified fabrics, which Carla sews by hand in our studio in Jena. Most of our products are unique pieces or exist in small quantities. We see ourselves as a zero waste project and therefore reprocess all of our fabric scraps, e.g. into reusable cotton pads or as fillings for meditation pillows.

    Learn more about Waelde: www.waeldeclothing.comExternal link

  • Pica Schmuck

    I am Anne and I am passionate about knotting macramé jewelry. For me, knotting means creativity, meditation and a process in which I never know exactly at the beginning, which piece of jewelry would like to arise.

    More about Pica SchmuckExternal link

  • Mandalas von ShaktiNin

    Mandalas, homemade and colorful, each piece is unique.

  • AquaUli

    Postcards with watercolor motifs and upcycling scrunchies, handmade in Jena.

    More about: AquaUliExternal link

  • embrace yogaraum

    Here you will find yoga accessories such as eye pillows or clothing, handmade jewelry and accessories as well as cards & art prints. All products are sustainable and made by regional producers. We also offer information about yoga workshops, Thai yoga massage & sound therapy.

    Learn more about embrace on @embraceyogaraum on Instagram or on the Embrace website here External link

  • Rainbow

    Rainbow Jewelry is a small online store from Jena. Here you will find lovingly handmade suncatcher and gemstone jewelry.

    More about RainbowExternal link.

  • Jena Water

    Water is life! This is not only the slogan that we as JenaWasser have written on our company flag, it is first and foremost an irrefutable fact.Your drinking water - clean, fresh and wholesome from the tap every day. We make sure of that! The safe supply of drinking water is an essential part of public welfare.Therefore, we would like to inform all around the topic of drinking or tap water and draw attention to the importance of drinking the right thing. We would like to sensitize the environmental and cost consciousness of the people and inform about the quality, origin and treatment of our drinking water. Finally, everyone can convince themselves of this at our water tasting with refreshing drinks infused with fruit and herbs.

    More information about the Zweckverband can be found hereExternal link.

Image: aquauli
Image: Florian Hagenbring
Image: Fräuleinheld
Image: Jena Wasser
Image: Pica Schmuck
Image: Rainbow
Image: ShaktiNin
Graphic: Marleen Stoltz
Image: waeldeclothing
Feines & Zimt
Image: Feines & Zimt
The team of Feines & Zimt will take care of your physical well-being. There will be delicious, healthy Buddha Bowls, sweet potato curry and chickpea masala with rice. For the small hunger in between, Butterbrez'n will be baked. You can quench your thirst with lemonades, spritzers and other soft drinks.

You will find the complete offer (prices) here: Menu
Logo Vegev
Image: Vegev Catering
Vegev Catering
Sweets may not be missing either! With healthy and energy snacks Vegev Catering will provide. There will be gluten-free veggie cakes (or "yoga crepe") made from buckwheat flour and various vegan cakes.
Unisport Tanzfest 2019
Image: Christoph Worsch
The entertainment in the evening is provided by our show group UNIted Dance Crew. The choreographies move between modern jazz and street jazz, contemporary, musical and show - be curious!
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Organisation Team Yoga & Music Festival

    • Marleen Stoltz
    • Josephine Schwadt
    • Aleksandra Mincheva
    • Sven Jaekel
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